I'm not a writer by any means but yesterday these words just spilled from my mind to my thumb as I was sitting in my truck waiting for my children to come out of school.  Don't judge me too harshly please.  I'm sharing since I mention you.  This is my life...  

A Poem of me by Katherine Trossen-Lusiak

My thoughts begin to wander so not cool,
waiting for my children to come out of school.
As I catch my eye in the review mirror,
I'm reminded of days when I could see clearer.
My eyes were the last of me to change,
now all of me looks quite mange.
I only have myself to blame,
every day I feel nothing but helplessness and shame.
Being plus-sized in our society,
leaves me with such horrible anxiety.
I am so lonely in life yet no one can tell,
I crave for affection, which feels like hell.
Yearning for kindness and a gentle touch,
Maybe someone to tell me I am enough.
I’m tired of being told of all I do wrong,
wishing someone would just hold me and make me feel strong.
I work day and night and keep myself busy,
Yet it's never enough and most definitely not easy.
I'm so overwhelmed from inside and out,
will things ever be right I just want to shout!
While you may see me spill my tears,
I shall try to stay strong for all my years.
Life's been truly tough nothing like the shows,
I’ve had to be tougher then you'll ever know.
While I truly feel the strife,
it amazes me how much I still love life.
My children, my customers and dogs bring me delight,
I pray that they will always see me in light.