Katherine Trossen-Lusiak

Welcome to Buggalena Embroidery Designs!

My name is Katherine and I’m a mom of three; ages 24, 11 and 9. I have also been blessed with two adorable little grandsons. I enjoy sewing, embroidery, crafting, movies, playing Pokemon (LOL) and spending time with my family.

Buggalena Embroidery Designs is my passion that allows me to stay at home with my children. After being in a career more than 16 years away from home and having my babies raised in daycare, Buggalena has truly been a blessing. I love being able to take my children to and from school and be the first to hear about their day. I work very hard to offer quality, affordable, tested embroidery designs.

All Buggalena Embroidery Designs come with the Buggalena guarantee! If you should find any issues or need help with learning to make a Buggalena Design, either myself or one of my assistants will help you until you are fully satisfied. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to me. I hope you will give Buggalena a chance and please join our Buggalena Facebook Group, it’s a great place for networking, being the first to know about new designs I list, supplies information, free embroidery designs and more!

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Can this really be happening?

Can this really be happening?

So does anyone else ever ask yourself "can this really be happening? Is this really my life?" I don't even know how to explain to someone how crazy my life can be... Take this morning for example...
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Say What? Buggalena has a new website?

Say What? Buggalena has a new website?

Why yes, we do! In an effort to serve Buggalena customers even better, we have laid a new foundation with this new stable website. The basics have been added to the new website and from here we will be adding more and more new features all in an effort to serve YOU the BEST we can! Should you find any errors or have any issues as we make our transition, please let us know. You can use the website contact form or send an e-mail to [email protected] Thank you for your patience and understanding.
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